Best Ways to Relax in a Spa

A Spa is great for relaxation, stress relief, and loosening tight muscles. Spas featuring jets can be used to massage sore parts of the body, and the hot water and steam can put the mind and body in a restful state. To get more relaxation out of your hot tub, consider these 5 strategies:

  1. Aromatherapy. Scented products designed specifically for spa use can take relaxing in a hot tub to the next level. Aromatherapy products mask the scent of chlorine or other chemicals in favor of soothing lavender or invigorating rosemary mint.
  2. Escape. Bringing a book to the spa or watching a movie is a great way to get the steaming hot benefits and de-stress by taking your mind away from the present location and worries of the day.
  3. Start the day. Spas aren’t just for relaxing after a long day’s work. Getting in a hot tub in the morning is a great way to ease the tension that comes with thinking about to-do lists, and it provides a meditative atmosphere to mentally prepare yourself for your day.
  4. Exercise. Exercise has long been touted as the greatest medicine for anxiety and stress, and exercise in a hot tub is even more beneficial. Being in warm water will keep muscles loose and flexible. Strength training and flexibility are great exercise options. Cardiovascular training is probably not; it could heat the body beyond a safe level.
  5. Romance. Combining the stress relieving properties of warm water and jets firing on tense muscles with the feel-good hormones that are released in the presence of a romantic partner, and you’ve found a winning combination for stress relief.

Next time you find yourself in your hot tub, try one of these relaxing ways to ease tension and enjoy the peace of the moment.

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