Find The Best Swim Spa Size For You

Opt for the Best Swim Spa Size
Swim spas come in four different lengths. It is recommended to tend to have a clear understanding of what you would like to use a swim spa for in order to pick the best size for your chosen needs. Some models are offered in standard and “deep” versions that add from about 9 inches to a foot of depth.
We have here a rundown on every length so you could pick the best swim spa size for your needs.
10 to 11 Feet
These swim spas are usually swim spas in name only, simply because they don’t will have enough room to let for swimming. They are similar to a jacuzzi for the hydrotherapy benefits and are the best option for muscle relaxation and targeting specific categories of muscles. They’re ideal for individuals that have chronic or short term pain.
These models feature:
• Widths from 7 to eight feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
• A jet seat made for hydrotherapy
• Optional resistance, though not sufficient for swimming
12 to 16 Feet
This duration of swim spa is usually labelled as a trainer or fitness model. These swim spas allow for continuous swimming, the current being produced by jet propulsion, rotating paddlewheels or a propeller.
If you are looking for a blend of fitness and fun, this may be a popular choice. Many models offer hydrotherapy jets plus some might be customized with additional fitness equipment that could immediately underwater treadmill, a rowing machine or any other resistance apparatus.
Additionally they can be upgraded with fountains, special lighting and waterproof the audio, making them an excellent option for activities.
These models feature:
• Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
• About two jet seats
• A swim current
17 to 18 Feet
This model adds extra length for improved comfort while swimming and exercising, along with a choice of water flow, for instance paddlewheels and propellers. These swim spas are created for more serious users and the enhanced water flow creates a smoother, more consistent current that spans the width of one’s pool. This type of flow of water mimics the feel of a greater pool.
Optional upgrades include the audio, Wi-Fi and built-in underwater cameras.
These models feature:
• Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
• Two jet seats and two standard seats/steps
• Paddlewheel and propeller water flows develop for a more realistic swimming experience
19 to 21 Feet
This model creates the longest period of some other swim spa and typically possesses a dedicated hydrotherapy pool or spa separate from the swimming area. They feature most of the functions sold on smaller models but these swim spas could include deluxe LED lighting, massage functions and enhanced tiling.
The new tub end has about 60 hydrotherapy jets, seating for four to six people and added elements such as a audio system as well as a spillover waterfall.
These models feature:
• Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
• Four to five jet seats inside the spa section
• An existing that provides directional resistance, with paddlewheel and propeller types enabling swim accelerates to eight mph
Remember when it’s time to replace your swim spa covers, is the best to get a custom made, light weight, easy to use cover.

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